Be the CHAMPION of your own life – Don’t loose another decade.

When you think about your life, especially in hindsight what is it that you most often think of?  The decisions you have made, the people in and out, dreams not realized,  or time lost? Probably all of those things at some point.   I heard a sermon about 10  years ago, that really struck me deep.  The pastor was telling us that basically if we didn’t get up off our rears and DO SOMETHING to change our circumstances, we would wake up not in 5 years, but TEN years and be stuck pretty much in the same spot we have been in.  He then explained that the journey would be most difficult, not because of the effort required, but because of the people in our lives who are comfortable having us stuck in that same spot and want us to stay there. That was ENTIRELY true.  I experienced it first hand.  I was surrounded by people like myself.  People who were sick and tired of being sick and tired, YET spent most of their energy gathering talking about THAT instead of figuring out how to change it.   In the past 10 years I have had two completely different lives.  One of a dependant and one of independance.  One of miserable to one of can’t imagine being happier.  One of unhealthy, out of shape and very weight, to one of having my health and fitness level under control.  And finally,  one of not knowing how I was going to pay my bills to one of digging myself out of poverty and debt,  to one of learning the balance of being able to save for retirement while enjoying the reward of much hard work after many years of sacrifice.  

My missions as I call them are always given to me by God in my dreams.  I literally wake up in the morning with the wildest and craziest “ideas” in my head.  For example, back when I didn’t have two extra pennies to rub together, “I” started getting interested in real estate and thought somehow as a single woman, with a daughter in college it would be a great idea to start dabbling in real estate.  I announced to a group of my ‘friends’  that I was going to “buy a rental house!”  Did I really just say that outloud to them?  Did I really just get the eyerolls and pat me on the head “sure you are” comments?!?  Looking back I now can clearly see His plan in it all, but then it just seemed so crazy.  As my faith strengthened and I starting working on myself,  I became more confident in ‘my ideas’.   I noticed that the people, opportunities, and my circumstances were aligned just perfectly to get me to where I am today.  I just had to be willing to listen AND ACT.  The most honest thing I can say about digging yourself out of any situation you don’t want to be in, is that it IS GOING TO TAKE HARD WORK, and A LOT OF IT.  You may not be able to shop for yourself for a year or two.   You may have to get a second job to create a second stream of income for a year or two.   You may have to rid yourself of negative “friends” who don’t support your dreams.  You may have to learn to be humble. I did all of those things, but the day I  became completely humble and  ACCEPTED that I didn’t have to figure it out on my own, was the day I stopped having decades lost.   Don’t wait until Monday, or the 1st of the of month, or next year, or after some other life landmark comes and goes before you start working on those goals and dreams you have. Don’t wake up with another decade gone and live with regret of not starting sooner or never at all.   If you don’t know where to start or know how to start, find someone around you that has done it and ask them for help, or knowledge. The journey is much quicker if you go down a clear path instead of always blazing your own trail.  The learning curve is much shorter that way and ultimately sucess will come that much quicker.   It was my experience that most people are more than willing to HELP people learn and suceed if they are willing to committ and do the work.   Be a champion of your own life!  You can do it! ~Felecia

Be a Champion of your own life!


Have you ever been seemingly paralyzed by having too much to do?  This happens to me sometimes.  I have so much to do or in my head that I want to get done, that I literally don’t know where to start.  So guess what happens?  Nothing.  I choose to do nothing, because I have so much to do.  Sounds crazy, but it is true.   Then later in the week, I feel guilty because I was lazy and non-productive.

I have found that if you are one of those people like me, who have at least a dozen balls juggling in your head at the same time that I help to just start with ONE THING.  For a day, stop multi-tasking, focus on one thing at a time.  Write them all down, get them out of your head, and then focus on your list.  Prioritize them if you feel you must.  But then, just GET STARTED.

  • If your goal is to be more organized.  DON’T focus on all the things you want to get organized, just focus on one area, such as a closet.
  • If you want to start exercising.  DON’T focus on how far you are away from your desired fitness level, instead focus on taking that first 15 minute walk.
  • If you your goal is to have more money and less debt, don’t sit there are stare at the pile of bills, focus on paying one off first.

Don’t beat yourself up about your perceived ‘failures’.  Accomplish something everyday or evening after work, whatever your time allows.  Focus on one area this week, break it up into small pieces and work at it every day.  Before you know it you will have done a lot.  Remember, you have to climb up the mountain one step at a time, no matter how tall it is.

just one goal

So often I sit back and listen to people be just generally unhappy and negative about almost nothing, and it is sad.   I think it is a like any other bad habit that is tough to break.  I listen to stories how people put their hope for happiness in other people, events, or material things.  They are waiting for an apology, dwelling on the past, or hoping something amazing is going to happen to them in the future which will be the cure for lack of happiness.   I believe we can only make ourselves happy.  As soon as we do that, everything else around us isn’t quite as negative.   Once we do the work on ourselves and we become happy, we will then attract good things and positive people around us. The fact is, all of us have a story, a testimony, and probably something that has happened to us that was was pretty horrible or wrong.  But, we have to fix ourselves.  Pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and just get on with life and CHOOSE to be happy first and foremost.  Then do the work that it takes.  Years ago, I was miserable, single mom, totally broke,  didn’t feel good, unhealthy, and had no SELF-esteem.  One day,  I decided not to wait another 5 years for happy elf to do something about it for me.    I first worked on my faith, then I started taking the first steps (literally) toward getting emotionally and then physically fit.  It has been a journey of ups and downs, it hasn’t happened over night. But, I kept my eye on the prize.  HAPPINESS.  Today, I am a different person.  I filter life through the glass 1/2 full goggles, see the best in everyone even though it is tough some days, and know that no matter how bad things may seem, it isn’t as bad as someone else has it.  You can be happy.  Put the notion of the happy elf away, and just do the work.  Not only will you be amazed at yourself, you will be proud of yourself!  Happy Living !  ~Felecia